Friday 23 September 2022

Seasonal Drinking with Empire Bespoke Foods

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Christmas represents a huge opportunity for the drinks category. This holiday season stock up on exciting flavours that target consumers looking for premium, non-alcoholic, authentic drinks or delightful mixers from around the world.

Our entire drink category is non-alcoholic and suits the growing demographic of consumers who are looking for authentic flavours with premium positioning, but without the alcohol. According to a YouGov survey commissioned by The Portman Group, saw a growing number of UK consumers opting for no and low alcohol drinks with almost a third of respondents choosing non-acholic options on a semi-regular basis. 

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La Mortuacienne Cloudy Lemonade

La Mortuacienne

Artisanal Cloudy Lemonade

La Mortuacienne

100 Years old & still delightfully sparkling!

La Mortuacienne, is a range of artisanal French lemonades, that are still produced with local spring water from the Morteau region and recently celebrated their 100-year anniversary.  

“The La Mortuacienne range has great shelf presence in 1lt swing-top glass bottles that appeal to adults looking for premium alternatives to alcoholic options. The bottles also ‘POP!’ when opened, adding to the at home theatre consumers love about sparkling wines & champagne during Christmas celebrations!”    

Edward Rayment, Brand Manager.

The brand is still family run by 4th generation family members who take pride in their authentic methods, which result in a delightfully sparkling premium beverage.

The La Mortuacienne range packaging is reusable and recyclable.

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Virgil's Flying Cauldron

Flying Cauldron

Butterscotch Beer

Flying Cauldron

Bring some magic to your soft drinks fixture!

The perfect gift or tipple for that fan of magic you know. With the perfect combination of spells and quality natural ingredients. This butterscotch beer continues to be prized by wizards for its creamy vanilla and butterscotch flavours.

This soda appeals to a growing number of consumers looking at craft sodas, with the craft soda market forecast to reach £758bn by 2025 with a CAGR of 4.99%.*

*VST Virtual Store Trials, Craft Displays, Get Crafty with your soft drinks category.

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Virgils Cream Soda


Handcrafted Vanilla Cream


America’s #1 selling independent, all-natural handcrafted soda

Before craft brewing was a buzzword, Virgil’s were in the tank room blending each of their recipes by hand in small batches, infusing herbs and other ingredients to ensure each unique flavour came out as intended: robust, balanced and refreshing.

“Virgil’s is here to bring the smiles this Christmas season with their range of iconic American flavours. Handcrafted and micro-brewed to preserve all the authenticity of the recipes and the all-natural ingredients used. The bottles have twist-off caps for easy enjoyment anywhere!”

Edward Rayment, Brand Manager.

The Virgil’s range packaging is recyclable.

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Clamato Original


Original – tomato and clam juice


Start the Fiesta with Clamato!

With its distinctive, savoury flavour, Clamato is an invigorating blend of the finest Californian tomatoes, premium clam broth & a secret blend of spices.

“Clamato not only adds ‘oomph’ to your Bloody Mary’s but also to your soft drink fixture. America’s #1 seafood and tomato juice appeals to consumers wanting to try new twists on classics, with 18% of shoppers looking to try new products!” *

*VST Virtual Store Trials, Craft Displays, Get Crafty with your soft drinks category.

Edward Rayment, Brand Manager.

Clamato is a brand with huge national identity within its country of origin (USA) but also in neighbouring Canada, where it is an ingredient in the national cocktail, a bloody Caesar, and in Mexico where it is used in cooking and in the Michelada cocktail!

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