Our story began in California in 1969 when Clamato® juice was created.

 A unique and tasty cocktail made with tomato juice and a blend of spices that livened up the senses. The farmers were the first ones to appreciate Clamato juice’s refreshing flavour when they realized how it made their long, hard days in the sun much more tolerable. Soon, Clamato became more and more well-known throughout the United States, Canada and México.

Clamato Michelada Shrimp

Clamato is now the indispensable ingredient in many beverages including the traditional Michelada™

 It is said that the Michelada made its first appearance in Mexicali at the “Bar los V-tarros” where, the story claims, it was very common to experiment with drink mixes in an effort to find the perfect antidote for the hot, sultry climate. Witnesses claim that Mr. Camacho, the owner of “Bar los V-tarros,” and his good friend created the now very popular Michelada, a mix of Clamato with beer, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, lime, and pepper. The recipe became so popular, it quickly spread from Mexicali… to the world!

Clamato Michelada Original

Clamato is also the main ingredient in Canada’s number one cocktail, the Bloody Caesar®

Walter Chell invented this drink in 1969 for the opening of a restaurant called Marcos. Bloody Caesar is a mixture of Clamato, vodka, and spices. Because of its versatility, Clamato allows you to prepare an almost infinite variety of tasty recipes with your personal flair.