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Bon Appetit! French Cuisine in the UK.

August Promos

In 2021, French restaurants dominated this year’s Michelin Guide to Great Britain and Ireland, with awards being handed to 19 French cuisine restaurants*.  Known the world over for is classic flavours and immaculate preparation, French flavours continue to be a steady trend in UK retailers. 

This August we have 20% OFF selected French ranges to help celebrate french cuisine!

* Michelin stars 2021: French restaurants in the UK top the list – Lucy Parford – 

Continue this drive for French cuisine in the UK by shopping our range of French products here or by exploring below:

Delouis Porducts


Delouis was founded in 1885 and is now a leading French manufacturer which provides vinaigrettes, mayonnaise, and mustards of premium quality. The brand is led by two fundamental principles: innovation and respect of French gastronomic traditions where it takes inspiration from Great Chefs' recipes to elaborate its own sauces.

As a result, the mayonnaise is made from an authentic French recipe with no added water and taste as good as homemade.

Fallot Products


‘’La Mourtarderie Fallot’’ was established in 1840 and produces their products in the last independent and family-run mustard mill in Beaune where the company has a museum dedicated to mustard making!

The company’s vision is to bring innovative recipes and keep protecting the historical craftsmanship of their mustard-making heritage. The exceptional quality of Fallot’s mustards is the final result of a complex manufacturing process, by using authentic raw materials from the best resources.


Bespoke Foods

The Bespoke Foods’ brand brings the UK consumer classic French flavours, made to traditional recipes. The Bespoke quail eggs, are pre-cooked, and peeled in brine, ready for serving! These quail eggs are produced in France by a supplier that has been producing high quality quail eggs for over 20 years!

The Bespoke Duck Confit, is an iconic French dish, made with cruelty free duck legs. This product makes a great store-cupboard staple and is so easy to use. Consumers will have classic French duck confit at home in under 30 mins! The Cassoulet, another iconic dish in French cuisine, is all prepared, ready for the consumer to use. Made with Duck confit, sausages from Toulouse and white kidney beans as is traditional. 


Le Guérandais

Le Guérandais is known for its cooperative spirit, conveyed on a daily basis by mutual help, collective harvesting and the transmission of know-how dating back two thousand years. Its ancient production methods are still relevant today: the salt is sourced from salt marshes in the South of Britany and is simply sorted and sieved to ensure an excellent quality. Le Guérandais is a brand that, from a sole grain of salt, has conquered the world from New York to Tokyo. It is now used both in Michelin-starred and family kitchens.

Charles Basset Logo

Charles Basset

For more than 160 years, Charles Basset has trawled the world’s oceans and followed its wildest rivers, to bring you the finest, freshest, tastiest fish. Charles Basset has gone to great lengths to bring you its succulent tender tuna from rich in essential fatty acids.

The white tuna is known for the tenderness of its flesh. Prepared with olive oil, it boosts its tasting qualities and becomes a jewel to be savoured on all occasions. The quality of its flesh, the delicacy of its taste makes it a very popular fish and very appreciated by amateurs. White tuna, packaged with olive oil and salt, is superbly worthy of its mellow flavour and is ideally suited to all types of use, in starters and dishes.

Connetable product logo


Connétable comes from the oldest sardine canning factory in the world since 1853 Connétable has been combining quality fish with fine and varied recipes to offer gourmands ever more delicious products.

An exceptional knowledge of the fish, transmitted from generation to generation, a manufacturing combining traditional methods of the past and modern manufacturing processes ...

This is the pride of Chancerelle, whose teams are passionate about the success that has accompanied the group and the Connétable brand for more than 160 years.

marine Gourmet product logo

Marine Gourmet

Marine Gourmet is home to classic French condiments, fish soup and garlic croutons. Using a time-honoured recipe, the French fish soup is made with high quality fish from the Mediterranean Sea and seasoned with saffron. The Soup is perfectly accompanied by the rest of the range, the French garlic croutons which are great scatted on any soup or salad. The Rouille is a sauce with garlic and saffron and is an essential companion for gourmets and connoisseurs! 

Comptoir Du Caviar

Comptoir Du Caviar

With more than 20 years of experience Comptoir du Caviar has developed an outstanding expertise for developing products of exceptional quality and delicious flavour.

Their ready-made Blinis from Comptoir du Caviar are manufactured in Britany from an exclusive recipe using the best raw materials which gives them unique taste and makes them the perfect base for canapes. Enjoy the incomparable softness, hot or cold.

Filet bLeu Biscuits logo

Filet Bleu

Using only carefully selected ingredients, the pastry chef is committed to creating some of the finest biscuits. Filet Bleu offers a full range of delicious flavours such as Salted Caramel, Lemon and Almond and butter Shortbread with Guérande Sea Salt and 3 organic products. Biscuits are packed in bags of 4 biscuits to preserve all the freshness of the products.

Vahine Logo Image


Let your imagination run with Vahiné!

Vahiné has been an expert in pastry aids for over 40 years.

Since 1972, Vahiné offers all the ingredients to make successful desserts with a comprehensive range of products:

- to prepare and decorate home-made cakes (dried fruits, sugars & yeasts…)

- to decorate ready to eat desserts (toppings, decoration…)

Vahiné is the partner of home-made desserts and moments shared with the family !

La Mortuacienne Logo Image

La Mortuacienne

a Mortuacienne is a range of traditional French lemonades first created in 1921 in Besançon, France. For nearly a century, artisanal savoir-faire and original production methods have been rigorously passed down from father to son in the Rième family.

These refreshing and delicious lemonades are still produced in the purest tradition with local water and natural flavourings. Today’s business is still family-run by 4th generation family members who take pride in their authentic methods, which result in a delightfully sparkling premium beverage. “From the very first bottle of sparkling limonade, created in Morteau by Marcel-Alcide in 1921, we’ve never lost sight of our raison d’être: to bring a touch of deliciousness to the lives of our customers through our artisanal sparkling limonades”

Francine Logo


Francine is a brand leader in home baking in France and is known for it's high quality. Francine's range includes 3 authentic French bread mixes. Consumers will love how easy these are to use, either by hand or bread machine, and how tasty the resulting bread is. France is well known for its bread and this range does not disappoint!


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