Tuesday 20 July 2021

French lemonade La Mortuacienne celebrates 100th anniversary

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In 1921, Marcel-Alcide Rieme was just 20 years old when he first launched his lemonade. The name La Mortuacienne is an homage to the place the lemonades were first made, Morteau, France.

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In order to differentiate La Mortuacienne from its competitors, the sugar content is only 8.5g per litre. The average lemonade contains more than 10g! Production continued even during the Second World War and was the only period when sugar was replaced by saccharin due to shortage.

La Mortuacienne is still run by the same 4th generation family. To this day, each bottle of La Mortuacienne is produced in the purest tradition with local French spring water coming from the Jura Mountains. Natural lemon flavour is sweetened with beet sugar and packaged in a stylish bottle. La Mortuacienne only ever use glass bottles which can be reused or easily recycled. La Mortuacienne is ideal as an alternative to alcohol, or to use as a mixer for any occasion.

For a limited time only, La Mortuacienne is available in special 100 year anniversary labels.

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