Tuesday 18 January 2022

Uncap Real Flavour with Cholula Hot Sauce!

Cholula Hot Sauce Brand

Empire Bespoke Foods is proud to be the retail distributor for the world’s Number 1 Mexican Hot Sauce Brand – Cholula Hot Sauce!

Cholula Hot Sauce Original

Named after the oldest, still-inhabited city in Mexico & North America, Cholula Hot Sauce brings its authentic Mexican heritage to the condiments, sauce & BBQ category. Inspired by generations-old recipes, cholula is a blend of local arbol and piquin peppers with an array of regional spices.

Today Cholula is still proudly made and sold in Mexico as well as in over 20 countries world-wide, bringing a bit of Mexican tradition and craftmanship to delicious meals around the globe!

Cholula Hot Sauce Chipotle Sauce

Our range includes the Original and Chipotle variants, in 150ml glass bottle with Cholula signature wooden cap, giving the brand unique shelf presence and re-affirming the Mexican heritage in the eyes of the consumer. On the front of the packaging is Cholula hot sauces’ muse La Chila, personifying the heritage and promise behind the Cholula’s family recipe family recipe, made with high quality ingredients, that have been passed through generations. 

Cholula Hot Sauce Banner

Cholula Hot Sauces are available now! Click here to start shopping!


Posted by: Edward R

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