Proudly made in Japan!
S & B is the # 1 wasabi producer in the world and the market leader in Wasabi & Yuzu paste in Japan. S & B offers a variety of products including wasabi, Japanese style curry, and Japanese spices. The company’s principles are driven by the great level of quality, continuous innovation, and authenticity.
The S & B’s Wasabi paste is made from horseradish and wasabi and can provide an exceptional taste in various dishes such as Sushi, Sashimi, seafood salad and meat dishes.

S & B  also offers a range of authentic Japanese Curry Sauce mixes, each offering a distinct aromatic and rich flavour in two heats-medium and hot.

’Nanami’’, meaning, seven spices, adds heat, flavour, and  a refined texture to your meal, whereas Yuzu entails a mix of green chilli peppers and a Japanese citrus (Yuzu) with a distinct aroma. Both products are suitable for seafood, meat, ramen and more!